Invitation to BID

Package No. Particulars Contract Duration Approved Budget for Contract
LMC No. 2019-01 Construction of Protection Dike, Canal Structures & Drainage Canal 300 calendar days P62,231,650.00
LMC No. 2019-02 Construction of irrigation facilities 310 calendar days P20,690,169.93
LMC No. 2019-03 Construction of irrigation facilities 310 calendar days P20,557,184.64
LMC No. 2019-04 Construction of irrigation facilities 300 calendar days P15,752,645.43
LMC No. 2019-05 Construction of irrigation facilities 330 calendar days P28,500,000.00
LMC No. 2018-38 Construction of Mindanao Training Center (Phase III) 210 calendar days P30,340,017.07
LMC No. 2019-06 Construction of Irrigation Facilities 270 calendar days P47,637,500.00
LMC No. 2019-07 Construction of Irrigation Facilities 240 calendar days P29,600,000.00
LMC No. 2019-10 Construction of Protection Dike Upstream Extension 300 calendar days P36,059,730.98
LMC No. 2019-11 Dam Retrofitting, Concreting of Protection Dike Downstream, Construction of Protection Dike Upstream and Channel Excavation 300 calendar days P43,986,958.20
LMC No. 2019-12 Concreting of Main Canal (Sta.4+480-Sta.11+018.09 and installation of 18 units steelgates 350 calendar days P26,111,895.48
LMC No. 2019-13 Concreting of Lateral A (Sta.3+591-Sta.7+900) 350 calendar days P22,378,503.87
LMC No. 2019-14 Concreting of Lateral B (Sta.2+328-Sta.10+305) 350 calendar days P29,949,671.00
LMC No. 2019-09 Construction of Protection Dike and Lined Canal with Appurtenant Structures (Batutu RIS) 300 calendar days P47,500,002.44