January 12, 2022

NIA Region XI sealed two contracts right before 2021 drew to a close. Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Secretariat facilitated the contract signing for the FORMULATION OF IRRIGATION WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PLAN (IWRMP), one for Padada RIS in Hagonoy and Digos, Davao del Sur, and for Mal RIS in Hagonoy and Kiblawan, Davao del Sur, on December 9, 2021 at the MTC, NIA XI, Bolton Street, Davao City.  

Regional Manager Jimmy L. Apostol led the contract signing with the representatives of RPD Consulting, Inc.  Division Manager for Admin and Finance Joel R. Soriano signed as witness while Division Manager Felizardo A. Go came as an observer. 

The procurement of IWRMP consulting services and the coming up of a management plan for watershed, which will be in collaboration with DENR are both firsts in NIA XI. The initiative anchors to the comprehensive Guidelines in the Rehabilitation and Protection of Water Resources Supporting Irrigation Systems which emanated from NIA Central Office. The said guidelines sprang mainly due to the degradation of irrigation water sources. Such degradation results to the accelerated soil erosion confronting the sustainable operation of irrigation systems in the country.

The National Irrigation Master Plan (NIMP) 2020-2030 provides a legal basis for the need to rehabilitate and protect Irrigation Water Resources (IWR). On Protection and Proper Management of Irrigation water sources, it states that “… climate change has been impacting water resources watersheds and river basins that provide water to irrigation systems. These catchments and river basins have already undergone long periods of development, land use change and degradation or depletion of environmental resources. Many of watersheds are already at their critical state and their dependable water supply often proves to be inadequate to meet the irrigation water demand especially during dry season. [The] NIA must therefore [be] active in interagency collaboration to protect, develop and manage forests and other natural resources.”.

Even prior to NIMP, NIA has had initiatives in the protection and management of irrigation water sources supporting irrigation systems. Among those are inter-agency Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and other concerned offices.

DENR-NIA MOA series of 2019 supplies the priority list of National Irrigation Systems (NIS) which are the initial target for the Rehabilitation and Protection of Water Resources Supporting Irrigation Systems. The list identified 130 critical watershed with 163 NIS, seven of which belong to Region XI including Padada RIS and Mal RIS.

The formulation of IWRMP for Padada RIS (CS-IWRMP No. 2021-01) and Mal RIS (CS-IWRMP No. 2021-02) each has a contract cost of Php 2.9Million and a duration of 150 calendar days.

This means that RPD Consulting, Inc. will undertake the formulation and development of a Plan for the Rehabilitation, Protection and Management of Water Resources supporting Padada RIS and Mal RIS. Specifically, the consultant will identify the profile of Padada River and Matanao River, vulnerability, and identify priority areas that need immediate intervention including water quality, quantity, on-going management plans and programs, and other information which potentially affects the operation and integrity of the said irrigation systems.  

The consultants will likewise provide trainings and workshops to NIA Region XI upon acceptance of the plan. The implementation of the approved management plan will take place next year.

Due to limited funding, the formulation of detailed plans and its implementation will be done by batches. The Guidelines also provides metrics for prioritization of NIS. For NIA XI, future plans would include Batutu RIS, Libuganon RIS, Saug RIS Lasang RIS, Lupon RIS.  

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