Notice of Award (Infra)

Contract ID Project Date Amount Contractor
LMC No. 2018-38 Construction of Mindanao Training Center Phase III 11-26-2018 P30,189,958.55 RDG Construction & Supply
LMC No. 2019-01 Construction of Protection Dike, Canal Strctures and Drainage Canal of Cateel Integrated Irrigation System (IIS) 07-16-2019 P62,083,587.49) RDG Construction & Supply
LMC No. 2019-03 Construction of Irrigation Facilities (Lat. C & C2) Lupon IS 07-16-2019 P19,940,434.79 MAER Summit Konstruck, Co.
LMC No. 2019-05 Construction of Irrigation Facilities of Padada RIS 07-16-2019 P28,408,857.10 RENOL Engineering Services & Construction Supply
LMC No. 2019-10 Construction of Protection Dike Upstream Extension of Lasang RIS 07-19-2019 P36,014,193.26 LLM Unified Builders & Trading Corp.
LMC No. 2019-09 Construction of Protection Dike and Lined Canal with Appurtenant Structure of Batutu RIS 07-29-2019 P47,424,153.85 LLM Unified Builders & Trading Corp.
LMC-2020-06 Concreting of Main Canal Sta. 11+752.14 to Sta. 20+519.39 (Lasang RIS-Package 2) 05-19-2020 P52,104,991.20 LLM Unified Builders & Trading Corp.
LMC-2020-07 Concreting of Lateral A, A-1, A-1a, A-1b, A-1c and A-4 (Lasang RIS-Package 3) 05-20-2020 P35,155,620.87) RDG Construction & Supply
LMC-2020-08 Concreting of Lateral B, B-1, B-2, B-3 (Lasang RIS-Package 4) 05-21-2020 P26,910,051.21) DISEM Construction and Supply
LMC-2020-09 Concreting of Lateral F & Lateral G (Lasang RIS-Package 5) 05-20-2020 P35,839,863.34) MAER SUMMIT KONSTRUCT, Co.