Before the rehab project, farmers in Tagboa-Cocornon CIS in Lupon, Davao Oriental has an Intake Structure that has been diverting irrigation water to rice farms at Barangays Tagboa and Cocornon, Lupon, Davao Oriental since 2011 tapping Sumlog River. Despite the functionality of the intake, the farmers hope for a more concrete and stable diversion structure. The coming of the rehabilitation project tailored pieces of the farmers' dream for the building of a dam.

          CARP-IC spearheads the implementation of rehabilitation project of Tagboa-Cocornon with a fund allocation of P 5,000,000.00 which entails the construction of the diversion structure and the tower and an allocation of P 2,000,000.00 that followed to get the dam flooring done. Further, the Restoration/Rehabilitation of Existing CIS (RRECIS) CY 2016 shared allocation the amount of P7,000,000.00 to support diversion works, canalization, canal lining at main canal and road surfacing of access road. 

          Regional Manager Felix M. Razo at the helm and Acting IMO Manager Rona B. Presto  Davao Oriental supervising construction activities, construction works were undertaken by contract and small part by administration.  Designed to restore 30 hectares, the project started on April 1, 2016 and completed on May 15, 2016, earlier of target and schedule indicating a technical accomplishment which techniques may be adopted by other project implementers in the region. 

          Engr. Presto tells of the factors that attribute to the success of Tagboa-Cocornon CIS rehab project implementation. The Contractor took the risk and initiative of starting the project in the absence of fund release as he takes the advantage of the weather condition that was a long dry spell fit for construction works.  TAGMACO IA of farmers handled the works under administration with NIA which involve canalization and clearing of canals in which they were very cooperative in hastening the negotiation of right of way and succeeded.  She added that effective coordination between TAGMACO IA, NIA IMO Davao Oriental and the Contractor is an important component in pursuing prompt  completion of the project.  Above all, supervision at its best may be employed to see project implementation go smoothly.