Career Opportunities


Item Number: 196-299  
Salary Grade: 6  
No. of Position/s: 1  
Monthly Salary: PhP 14,340.00  
Region: XI  
Office/Sector: Davao del Norte IMO  
Responsibility Center: Operations and Maintenance Section  
Education: High School Graduate or Completion of relevant vocational / trade course  
Experience: none required  
Training: none required  
Eligibility: Water Resource Facilities Operator (MC 11, s. - Cat. I)  

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Undertake the operation (closing and opening) of dam steel gates;
  2. Responsible in the implementation of the agreed NIA-IA water delivery schedule from head of the irrigable area up to the tail end;
  3. Assist the SWRF in the preparation of weekly LIPA in coordination with IAs;
  4. Distribute bills;
  5. Perform other related functions.


Item Number: 62-97  
Salary Grade: 18  
No. of Position/s: 1  
Monthly Salary: PhP 38,085.00  
Region: XI  
Office/Sector: Regional Office (Engineering & Operation Division)  
Responsibility Center: Construction Section  
Education: Bachelor's degree in Engineering relevant to the job.  
Experience: 2 years of relevant experience  
Training: 8 hours of relevant training  
Eligibility: RA 1080  

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Review, evaluate and consolidate all monthly coded, quarterly accomplishment and completion/turn-over documents and reports of all irrigation projects;
  2. Facilitate submission and approval of MOA for construction and Turn-over documents of all completed irrigation projects copy furnished the Administrative and Finance Division;
  3. Supervise the preparation of pre-construction planning and scheduling of projects approved for construction;
  4. Conduct sit inspection before, during and after construction of irrigation projects;
  5. Review PERT/CPM S-curves/network schedules of projects for construction;
  6. Monitor the status of project implementation  as to compliance with the approved programs and budget;
  7. Coordinate the field offices’ direct implementation of construction activities of irrigation projects;
  8. Review program of works and detailed cost estimates of irrigation projects submitted by the field offices;
  9. Prepare the annual budget and annual procurement plans of the engineering and operation division;
  10. Perform other related functions.


Item Number: 100-100  
Salary Grade: 15  
No. of Position/s: 1  
Monthly Salary: PhP 29,010.00  
Region: XI  
Office/Sector: Davao del Norte IMO  
Responsibility Center: Operation & Maintenance Section  
Education: Bachelor's degree relevant to the job.  
Experience: 1 years of relevant experience  
Training: 4 hours of relevant training  
Eligibility: Career Service Professional (Second Level Eligibility)  

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Plan and implement the institutional development programs, organization of irrigators association in various levels, evaluates functionality of organized irrigators associations;
  2. Plan and implement programs on upland crop project and establishes pilot demonstration farm;
  3.  NIA-IA O&M performance assessment, reviews cropping calendar and pattern, coordinates with other agencies involved in agriculture;
  4. Sustain external and internal linkages and interfacing of irrigators association for availment of support services;
  5. Prepare and submit periodic reports and related documents regularly and promptly;
  6. Conduct NIA and IA capability building programs and identifies and recommends training needs;
  7. Assist in the conduct of studies, surveys, research works beneficial to irrigation development;
  8. Supervise and give support to the sustenance and strengthening program for IAs in the irrigation system;
  9. Supervise and provide support in the program of IA participation in all phases of irrigation development; to the plans and strategies in full undertakings of O&M in CIS and partial participation in the O&M of NIS;
  10. Coordinate and assist the Community Relations Chief on the programs and strategies to increase ISF collection in back accounts, amortization payments
  11. Supervise and participate in the review and evaluation of IA functionality& farmers satisfaction survey results;
  12. Attend meetings/conferences and seminars related to institutional development program;
  13. Perform other related functions.

Deadline of Application: February 28, 2018

Initial Assessment Steps

  1. Pre-screening
  2. Personnel Selection Board (PSB) screening
  3. Panel Interview

All interested qualified applicants shall submit the following to the Administrative Section, NIA-Regional Office, Bolton Street, Davao City.

  1. Letter of application;
  2. Updated personal data sheet/resume/curriculum vitae;
  3. Performance rating for the last semester/rating period ended (if applicable);
  4. Certified copies of certificates of trainings/seminar attended;
  5. Certified copies of Diploma, Transcript of Record and Eligibilities.

Candidate/s found by the PSB to have met the minimum qualification requirements and have successfully hurdled the Assessment Process will be certified by the PSB as qualified for appointment/promotion to the subject vacancy.