The key personnel of NIA XI and Davao de Oro IMO, alongside farmers represented by the IA Presidents together with the Department of Agriculture and its attached agencies, demonstrate their support for the Contract Farming. 

by Lee Ryan Ember G. Datuin | Eng. Assistant A - Acting IDO, Davao de Oro IMO - Uploaded April 3, 2024 

In a bid to revolutionize agricultural practices and empower farmers across the Philippines, the National Irrigation Administration Region XI through the Irrigation Management Office of Davao de Oro has officially unveiled its Contract Farming initiative. This groundbreaking program marks a pivotal moment in the country's agricultural landscape, promising to enhance productivity, profitability, and sustainability in farming communities nationwide.

The activity was spearheaded by Engr. Rona B. Presto, IMO Division Manager, Engr. Alex A. Merlin, O&M Head, Ma. Isabel G. Decio, Sr. IDO with the support from the NIA Regional Office led by Engr. Felizardo A. Go, Engineering and Operation Division Manager, Engr. Al Ted Abbot, O&M Chief, Lani M. Sumabat, IDS Chief, and Rodel Maceda, Sr. IDO in coordination with the Partner Agencies from DA RFO XI, Jacinto D. Macoy Jr., Rice Program Alternate Focal; Provincial Agriculturist Office Dr. Jamie Anter, Provincial Agriculturist; National Food Authority Irene Ordista, Acting Assistant Branch Manager; Philippine Crop Insurance Corp., Rosalina Grabulan, Regional Director; Municipal Agriculturists from Montevista Nelma Aranton, Nabunturan (Rep) Annalyn Cañalita, and Compostela Aiza A. Peros; Federation of Irrigators Association President, Jerry F. Barayuga; and the Irrigators Association Beneficiaries.

IA beneficiaries sign the NIA-IA Memorandum of Agreement for the Contract Farming Project.

The launch of this initiative comes as a strategic response to the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, including limited access to technology and financing. By facilitating partnerships between farmers and other agencies, the NIA aims to address these constraints and create a conducive environment for agricultural growth and rural development. The launch of the NIA Contract Farming has been met with enthusiasm from various stakeholders, including government agencies. It represents a paradigm shift in agricultural development strategies, moving towards a more inclusive approach that prioritizes the needs and aspirations of smallholder farmers.

NIA and partner agencies gather upfront during the ceremonial signing of the Pledge of Support for the Contract Farming Project

The launching also highlights the ceremonial signing of the Pledge of Support as a gesture of commitment to the Contract Farming.

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