The exit conference on the joint field validation activities conducted in the Cateel Integrated Irrigation System (Cateel IIS) in Davao Oriental was held on May 17, 2024 at NIA XI, Regional Office, Conference Room A, Davao City. The meeting focuses on the Status of ongoing Activities, Typhoon affected areas  in Cateel IIS  and the Status of Ownership from PLGU to NIA. 

by:  Desiree A. Demafeliz, PRA Region XI  - Uploaded May 22, 2024

The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Region XI recently concluded a joint field validation activity in the Cateel Integrated Irrigation System (Cateel IIS) in Davao Oriental. The activity, which took place from May 15 to 17, 2024, aimed to assess the potential changes in the feasibility study report of the Mindanao Irrigation Development Project (MIDP) Phase I in relation to the local funds provided to Cateel IIS for immediate repair of the typhoon-affected structures.

Key personnel from NIA Central Office, Project Management Officer A ODAEO Reynaldo L. Baloloy, Principal Engr. A EWMS Gilmar J. Ballatan, Senior Hydrogeologist LWRS PPD-ED Roselyn T. Ballatan, Senior Agronomist, LWRS PDD-ED Arthur Allan B. Abalos, Researcher-Analyst LWRS-PDD-ED Justine P. Ruga, Senior Agriculturist DA Central office Maria Conception R. Cruz, NIA Regional Office XI headed by Regional Director Engr. Jimmy L. Apostol, Project Development Office A Salome N. Layasan, Planning and Design Section head Engr. Ryan G.  Pichon and team, Davao Oriental IMO headed by IMO Acting Manager, Engr. Gil G. Valdez and team, PLGU -Cateel, Dept. of Agriculture RO XI and Philippine Rural Development Project support office (PRDP-PSO) attended the exit conference.

This activity saw a gathering of stakeholders to find resolutions to the pressing concerns faced by farmers and local government units in the region. The outcome of the field validation activity will be used to refine the feasibility study report of the MIDP Phase I and ensure that the project is implemented effectively and efficiently.

The field validation activity began with a briefer meeting on May 15, 2024, at Cateel, Davao Oriental, where the status of ongoing activities was discussed. This was followed by an actual field visit on May 16, 2024, where the team witnessed the typhoon-affected structures of the system.

Personnel reach the other side of the Cateel through the banca. 

NIA XI Regional Manager Engr. Jimmy L. Apostol expressed optimism in addressing the concerns of provincial and local governments, as well as farmer-beneficiaries. He said, "At least the problems of the provincial government and local government are being looked into closely, especially in running the system, and the resolutions from the different farmer-beneficiaries. We can now provide solutions because this is the most important thing." 

RM Apostol also acknowledged the various challenges encountered during the implementation process, both technical and legal, and expressed confidence that these issues would be properly addressed during the meeting and in future discussions. "Whatever the reason that we see as an obstacle to our proposal, we will provide a solution," he added.

This collaboration ensures the sustainable management and success of the Cateel Integrated Irrigation System Modernization . These outcomes are expected to contribute to the overall goal of enhancing the NIA's effectiveness in managing irrigation systems and promoting sustainable agriculture and food security in the Philippines. 

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