Local participants including the different barangay officials, farmers associations and cooperatives, women’s groups, Indigenous People (IP) groups, and project beneficiaries.   by Diana Faith F. Alcantara - Uploaded March 14, 2024

Davao del Sur IMO actively joins the Engineering and Development Corporation of the Philippines (EDCOP) during the commencement of Public Consultation and Perception Survey of the Proposed Pagan Small Reservoir Irrigation Project (SRIP) March 14, 2024 at Tamugan Barangay Hall, Marilog District, Davao City. This activity aims to gather data and information regarding the issues and concerns of the affected beneficiaries of the proposed Pagan SRIP in the area.

Participants include EDCOP Project Coordinator Engr. Eddie Boy Q. Oray, EDCOP Co-Project Coordinator Engr. Maridel C. Agustin, EDCOP Dam Engineer Engr. Manuel U. Estefanio, EDCOP Agronomist Ricardo V. Joson, EDCOP Administrative Assistant Maricel T. Inocencio, and EDCOP Social Safeguard Specialist/ Anthropologist Verda I. Saw. The local community of Marilog District is also present represented by Brgy. Captain of Brgy.Tamugan Hon. Mario I. Adot together with his councilor and Representative for Infrastructure Hon. Jovanilo S. Cabisay, Brgy. Captain of Brgy. Tambobong Hon. Exequil M. Salandao with his councilor and Representative for Farmers Associations Hon. Merelyn Bayok, Representative for Indigenous People's Groups Hon. Romeo Bualan, Representative for Agriculture Hon. Pedro Landao Jr., and Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) Samuel Pandian.

Overall, this public consultation enhances decision-making, promotes community engagement, and contributes to the sustainable development of water resources for agriculture and livelihood improvement.

NIA XI and Davao del Sur IMO, moreover, extend necessary assistance in the person of Davao del Sur IMO Engineering and Operation Section Head Engr. Jianel U. Masinadiong, Davao del Sur IMO Planning Unit Head Engr. Marlitt Lea C. Jesuro, Engr. Lester John Victoriano, Economist Angelica I. Balboa, and Economist Glenn D. Luardo. The Pagan SRIP is one of the big-ticket projects of NIA Region XI. Based on the ongoing feasibility study, this sets to irrigate around 400 hectares of land in Marilog District. The particulars of the total project cost and number of beneficiaries are yet to be determined pending the completion of the feasibility study. Nonetheless, the agency continues to execute steadfast efforts to expedite the materialization of this promising project.

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