Status of Irrigation Development


Potential Irrigable Area – refers to an arable land area of the country that can be developed for irrigation, relatively flat from 0-3 % slope rate, has an available source of water to sustain irrigation delivery for crop production and other agricultural purposes and has famers willing to till the land and raise crops thereat.

Status of Irrigation Development – refers to the ratio of the area that was developed altogether by NIA, other government agencies and private sectors as against the potential irrigable area expressed in percentage.

Developed Area or Generated Area – the area of an irrigation project wherein the facilities have already been completed and which could already be provided with irrigation and drainage service. This includes only new areas that will put under irrigation and drainage. In most instances there is a need to level the area and form paddies by the landowner to be irrigated and planted.

Service Area – The area of an irrigation system after the project completion and turnover for operation that is already provided with irrigation and drainage facilities where irrigation and drainage service could already be rendered.